Welton vs State of Arizona Hearing

web-zander-500x280Welton vs State of Arizona Hearing

“The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Arizona filed a lawsuit to protect five-year-old Zander Welton’s parents from criminal prosecution for giving him a medical marijuana extract in the form of an oil. Zander has severe epilepsy and has suffered from debilitating seizures for most of his life. The oil containing the marijuana extract, in combination with dried marijuana, had reduced Zander’s seizures dramatically, resulting in an unprecedented period of sustained relief.”

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American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

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AZCNA is sponsoring & presenting the documentary American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny in 3 cities this year.

June- Phoenix — Shown

July- Albuquerque — Shown

October 24, 2013- Tucson, AZ at The Loft, 7:30pm. — Shown