UPDATE – Parkinson’s Disease as a Qualifying Condition


The Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association is pleased to announce our recent legal victory in the quest to recognize Parkinson’s Disease as a qualifying condition under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

The Honorable Judge Lang wrote the following in her DECISION regarding the AZ Department of Health denying AZCNA a public hearing on Parkinson’s Disease.

“After appealing the refusal of the Arizona Department of Health Services to set its petition for public hearing, the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association has established that the Department erred in issuing its denial. The applicable law does not allow the Department to consider safety of marijuana, nor does it require petitioners to prove its safety, and does not allow the Department to apply any standard of proof other than to determine whether any evidence was provided to address whether the proposed condition is debilitating and whether marijuana treats the condition or provides a therapeutic or palliative benefit to them. Because the petition at issue contained the required type of evidence, the matter is appropriate to set for public hearing.”

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you at the public hearing (TBA) as we stand together in unity for patients and the human right to choose Cannabis medicine.

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