Heather Manus, RN

HeatherNurse Heather is a native New Mexican and Registered Nurse specializing in all aspects of medical cannabis care. As founder of the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association, Nurse Heather was responsible for the addition of Post-traumatic Stress(PTSd) as a debilitating condition under Arizona’s medical marijuana act. Her organization recently petitioned to add 8 new conditions in Arizona including: Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism, Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Neuropathy, Tourette syndrome, & Diabetes. In 2015, Nurse Heather was honored and awarded the CannAwards “Best Charitable/Community Outreach Program,” and Cannabis Business Awards “Activist of the Year.”

Heather began her career as a Registered Nurse providing psychiatric home health care to patients in New Mexico. In both, New Mexico and Arizona, she opened the first medical cannabis infusion kitchens to provide cannabis patients with smokeless alternatives. Nurse Heather has extensive background in natural healing modalities and herbal remedies, some of which she obtained from her close association with Hispanic and Native American healers in New Mexico. Her newest project Nature Nurse, combines years of knowledge and experience to provide high quality products & services that support and encourage this current Revolution in HealTHCare. Nurse Heather believes that Cannabis is a Gateway to Health.

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Michael Schmidt, RN B.S.

mikeMichael has been a registered nurse for over 28 years. He has experienced the world of nursing in a wide variety of settings. His career has always been focused on health education in one form or another. Michael’s scope of practice includes administration, hospice, mental health, diabetic and public health education.

As a founding member of AZCNA, Mr. Schmidt’s goal is to educate both the medical and public communities about the gentle nature of cannabis, and the astounding results patients are experiencing from this truly medicinal herb.

As a state licensed dispensary owner, Michael interacts with medical cannabis patients on a daily basis. He is always amazed at the broad spectrum of diseases that are affected in multi-dimensional & positive ways. He is also impressed by the patients’ reports that pharmaceutical medication usage decreases as patients begin to find balance through the use of cannabis.

Mr. Schmidt states, “I am in awe at the nearly miraculous effects this natural herbal medication is having on our patients.”