A year-long battle waged by the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association on behalf of PTSD victims – particularly thousands of military service members and veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan – ended in victory on Wednesday when Arizona Department of Health Services (“AZ DHS”) Director, Will Humble, announced that he would yield to a Judge’s Decision and allow Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to be listed as a debilitating condition allowing PTSD sufferers to qualify for the right to use medical marijuana to treat the condition.

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Here is our BIG case winning article for adding PTSD in AZ! Thank You, to New Mexico’s own, Dr. George Greer.

Read the Director’s Decision to add PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions in Arizona – Directors Decision

Judge’s Decision on Adding PTSD


The Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association issues an official press release and letter to Director Humble regarding the order of Judge Shedden, to add PTSD to the list of debilitating conditions under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. This is a hot topic story, and an extremely important decision that will be made by Director Humble, no later than July 9, 2014. There’s approximately 500,000 PTSD patients in AZ, many are women and Veterans, who will be directly impacted by this decision made by Mr. Humble.

ADHS Rule to add conditions to AMMA – Read the Rule

Judge’s Decision – Administrative Law Judge Decision

AZCNA Letter to Will Humble – Read the Letter